distancing yourself…try it

This month of March is really about me growing as a person. I mean really digging deep into my craft and perfecting myself mentally, physically and emotionally. I really just want this month to be about me and creating myself into a new person. On March 5th, I have decided to take a break from all this social. Really going to spend more time on myself, my school work, and my exercise. I’m really hoping I stick to my daily regime and keeping up with my studies.

I think this idea of distancing myself came after I noticed that this friendship that I hanging onto so tightly was finally dying out and the fact that this person is no longer someone I communicate with on a bi-weekly basis, I FEEL MYSELF LETTING GO. I mean I really feel content with myself and I’m actually learning to let go off someone who doesn’t want me. I used to force this idea of our potential and what we can be. But I’ve realized you’ve got to let go and let God. I mean my mind has been in a bliss and I just feel like my time could be better used instead of trying to please someone who doesn’t give a damn about me. I’m distancing myself from friends and family, so I can breathe. I want to BREATHE again!

April 1st, I will update my journey to this month of self discovery. These first few days of March, I’ve slowed down a lot of things I’d do, especially social media. Learning to put the camera down, not everything needs to be a picture. So I’m definitely prepared to mature and move on to bigger and better things.


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