Dedicated to you, my friend

You say you’ve turned cold

That all your past lovers broke you

That you’re unfixable and invincible

That you will never be broken again

That not even the love I could supply could fix you

That my ass wasn’t fat enough therefore you didn’t want my love

That my waist wasn’t small enough therefore you couldn’t want my love

That my skin wasn’t light enough therefore you wouldn’t want my love

I tried, Mr. Heartless

I tried my best to fix you

But you were so caught up in the physical

I understand that you’re young and impressionable

That the imperfect girls like me could never be

But this world is perfectly imperfect

Love will break you down

It broke me when I loved you

But you wouldn’t accept what I was giving you

You ask me if I’m mad at you

I say no

You ask me why you can’t kiss me

I say because you don’t want me

You ask me why I stayed

I say that the love I have for you will never go away

Despite all that you’ve done, Mr. Heartless

My heart is still open for business

That whatever pain you feel

Please allow me to fix it

And I promise you, that love will heal it


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